Exhibition Schedule


The Birth of the Humming Bird
and Other Marvels
Pascale Monnin

September 23, 2017 – January 8, 2018

Forsberg Galleries

Opening Reception
September 23
Saturday 6:30pm
Haitian Art Society Conference

This is the first time the Waterloo Center for the Arts will be supplementing its renowned Haitian collection with the works of contemporary female Haitian artist Pascale Monnin. Monnin recently wrapped up a solo exhibition, "Childhood and Other Bazars" of more than 160 works produced in the last decade.

Uncle Fun’s Over-Stuffed Suitcases of Spectacular
Haitian Art

Through November 5, 2017

Law-Reddington Galleries

In 2014, after 38 years in business, artist and entrepreneur Ted Frankel (aka Uncle Fun), closed his Chicago store which sold unique collectibles as well as tricks, trinkets and toys. Uncle Fun eventually moved to Baltimore and opened Sideshow, a fun and funky store at the American Visionary Museum. Relocating led to downsizing so Frankel packed much of his amazing collection of Haitian Art into suitcases and sent them to the Waterloo Center for the Arts. Thanks to this generous gift from Frankel and Bill Gilmore, the Waterloo Center for the Arts acquired over 104 objects from Haiti, including more than 80 beaded and sequined flags, many of which are being exhibited for the first time.

40 Years of
Collecting Haitian Art

Through November 4, 2018
Reuling-Feldman Gallery

Reuling Feldman Galleries

The Waterloo Center for the Arts began its collection of art from Haiti in 1977 when Dr. and Mrs. F. Harold Reuling donated several paintings they had purchased while vacationing there. Over the last four decades, the Haitian Collection at the Waterloo Center for the Arts has grown to over 1,500 works of art and is recognized as the largest public collection of Haitian art in the world. Throughout the museum you will see fine examples of Haitian art forms including paintings, beaded and sequined flags, metal and wood sculptures, assemblages, papier-mâché and more.

Selections from the Collection
The Waterloo Center for the Arts features ongoing displays of works from its permanent collection including artworks by Grant Wood and other Midwest artists, Haitian Art, Mexican Folk Art and American Decorative Art.