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Exhibitions are planned to interpret and expand upon the permanent collection and focus on Midwest Art, American Crafts, and Haitian and Caribbean Art & Artifacts.

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The Birth of the Humming Bird
and Other Marvels
Pascale Monnin

September 23, 2017 – January 8, 2018

Forsberg Galleries

Opening Reception & Gallery Talk
September 23, 2017
Saturday 6:30pm
Haitian Art Society Conference

This is the first time the Waterloo Center for the Arts will be supplementing its renowned Haitian collection with the works of contemporary Haitian artist Pascale Monnin. The Birth of the Hummingbird and Other Marvels brings together different aspects of her work: dazzling mobiles resonating with hybrid forms, paintings filled with evocative symbols of birth, fantasy and wonder, reckless nuances of a sprawling childhood, sometimes cast in stone, sometimes laying on the frame or even spilling over.