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Forsberg Riverside Galleries

Enjoy Ongoing and Changing Exhibitions

The Raymond T. Forsberg Riverside Galleries are located near the Grand Foyer/Café and feature ongoing changing exhibitions, in addition to exhibitions that are planned to interpret and expand upon the permanent collection and focus on Midwest Art, American Crafts, and Haitian and Caribbean Art.

On Display

There's Something Strange and Unusual Afoot...


The title says it all!!! Visitors will be treated to a wide array of surprisingly unique objects from the WCA vaults, some not previously displayed.

From an Elvis altar to an orphan Chicago cow (which was kicked out of the parade) to a miniature Ghanaian fish coffin intended to serve as the final resting place for the ashes of one particular museum donor, you’ll be treated to chills, thrills, grins and giggles in this seriously (or outrageously) entertaining art exhibition.

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