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 The Waterloo Center for the Arts welcomes groups of all sizes to experience its traditional and interactive galleries. The Center is a great place for groups to learn, play, imagine, and explore.

Phelps Youth Pavilion 

The Pavilion is a children’s museum with over 40 hands-on exhibits ranging from simple drawing and painting to magical high-tech adventures. But it’s not just for kids, the young-at-heart can play too! 

Haitian | Caribbean Art

The Center holds the largest public collection of Haitian artwork in the world, including colorful paintings, powerful metal sculptures, and glittering beaded and sequined banners.

Midwest Art

The heritage and diversity of Midwestern art is reflected in the work of American Regionalist masters Grant Wood, Marvin Cone, and Thomas Hart Benton. Significant regional African American Artists are also represented. 

Mexican Folk Art

The Center holds a significant collection of Mexican Folk Art that includes ceramics, masks, textiles, traditional costumes, and an amazing selection of whimsical Oaxacan carved animal sculptures.

Creating Art While Touring

Complement your tour by adding a hands-on art activity. Instructors will give your group just enough creative guidance so each person can realize their own masterpiece. Choose from monoprints, stained glass, folk toys, mixed media, digital arts, ceramics, mosaics, drawings, or jewelry making. (Additional charge based on craft selection)

Group Tour Pricing

Groups of 12 or more Guided Tours $3/person 

Planning Your Tour 

Tours are available 9:00 am-5:00 pm, Tuesday through Friday 

Book your tour a minimum of 2 weeks in advance 

Group sizes can range from 12 to 150 

Groups with children are asked to bring 1 adult per 6 children 

Meeting rooms are also available 

Rates subject to change without notice 

Call to book your tour today | (319) 291.4490

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