Forsberg Riverside Galleries

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The Raymond T. Forsberg Riverside Galleries are located near the Grand Foyer/Café and feature ongoing changing exhibitions, in addition to exhibitions that are planned to interpret and expand upon the permanent collection and focus on Midwest Art, American Crafts, and Haitian and Caribbean Art.

On Display:
Guatemalan Textiles from the Collection 

An exhibition exploring the colorful textiles of Guatemala. The Waterloo Center for the Arts Collection includes 250 artworks from Guatemala, many of which are garments and other handwoven cloth items. Artistry and tradition, as well as innovation built with awareness and appreciation for custom partially describe the appeal of these artworks.                             


On Display: Musical Masterpieces

Over the past year, the Waterloo Center for the Arts has been collecting pianos and soliciting artists to transform them from mere musical instruments to whimsical works of art. We were blessed to find individuals who generously agreed to donate the eight pianos which serve as the “canvases” for the project and we recruited a diverse pool of eleven talented artists who enthusiastically shared their time and talents. They range in age from teenagers to retired folks, students to accomplished professionals.

Plans originally called for the completed pianos to be placed on sidewalks throughout downtown Waterloo this past summer, bringing art and music out into the streets. It was our hope that citizens and visitors passing by would enjoy them, and perhaps even stop to play, casually tickling the ivories or presenting impromptu open-air concerts.

Due to concerns about public safety amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to instead present these “Musical Masterpieces” in our galleries at the Waterloo Center for the Arts at this time. Although the usual museum mantra is, “Look but don’t touch”, in this case we encourage you to play the pianos – to “Look” and to “Touch”.

*Please have fun, use the hand sanitizer provided, and stay safe by keeping masks on and practicing social distancing.

Waterloo Center for the Arts | Forsberg Riverside Galleries