Muffy Ashley Torres

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Fundación Fuerte

For my family, loss has been a recurrent theme. Shortly after losing our beloved abuela, we also lost our home. A development collapsed onto our family house and made it uninhabitable. Our house was home to many and its doors were always open. Mama Agustina taught us to share by taking in loved ones and those who needed more love. This work is dedicated to her.
Within this pain, we are aware of how privileged we still are. Since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20, 2018, our extended family has also felt extreme loss. Loss of property, electricity, and resources, but they hold on with an incredible amount of hope. I want to honor their experiences, as well as our own.
Living in separate housing, we are displaced. Now, our home has been demolished. We intend to rebuild, despite the aggressive offers to buy our land. My family is among many who are resisting to sell to those who prey on lower income neighborhoods in order to make profit.
These photos channel the emotions of our entire family’s resistance.

Interview with the artist