Watkins Grand Foyer

Enjoy One of Our Exhibitions While you Shop or Register for a Class in the Watkins Grand Foyer

The Frank E. Watkins Grand Foyer Gallery is near the main entrance to our building by the main desk and World’s Window Gift Store. It features ongoing changing exhibitions, in addition to exhibitions that are planned to interpret and expand upon the permanent collection and focus on Midwest Art, American Crafts, and Haitian and Caribbean Art.

On Display

Peace Together | expanded the Our Freedom Story mural in 2019-2021

The same artists who created the mural continued their work by recalling stories they heard in 2019, choosing one subject as a focus, and conducting more community interviews. Then each team created one collaborative portrait of a person, place, or event they chose to depict.
As each individual artist created artwork on a single canvas, they adjusted their own artwork so their piece would connect with the canvas next to it.
Working with one another to “piece together” each portrait, Youth Art Team artists also pieced together a larger story to share about their community.