School Tours

Bring your classroom curriculum to life with a field trip to the Phelps Youth Pavilion and Waterloo Center for the Arts. Our school tours offer students learning experiences that celebrate cultural diversity and explore the connections between individuals, communities, cultures, and ideas.

We offer free admission and transportation (up to $120) for school trips thanks to generous support provided by R.J. McElroy Trust and Cedar Valley’s Promise.

Pick Your Tour

  • General Survey Tour
    Pre-K and Early Elementary Students explore two levels of hands-on and interactive exhibits in the Phelps Youth Pavilion and experience our current featured exhibit in the Junior Art Gallery III.
  • Grant Wood Focus Tour
    Students discover our Midwest Art collection including works by famous Iowa artist, Grant Wood.
  • Haitian Focus Tour
    The Waterloo Center for the Arts houses the largest public collection of Haitian artwork in the world. Students will gain an understanding of the culture, people, and art forms of Haiti.
  • Customized Tour
    Our Staff is happy to work with you to plan a tour experience which ties into your special interests and curricular requirements.Enhance your experience with a hands-on art activity for $1/student.

Details & Scheduling Your Tour

  • Tours are available Tuesday – Friday between 9am and 5pm.
  • Please call 319.291.4490 or email to schedule at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Lunchroom space may be requested at the time of booking your tour.
  • Consider scheduling your field trip in conjunction with a Black Hawk Children’s Theatre production.
  • Details about free admission and transportation provided by R.J. McElroy Trust and Cedar Valley’s Promise will be available when scheduling your tour.