Performance Art Series | Free Admission

Performances at the Waterloo Center for the Arts except November 17 which is held at UNI

October 21 | 7:00PM
Caitlin Mary Margarett

Caitlin Mary Margarett is an interdisciplinary artist with a practice rooted in performance art and contemporary craft. Her work utilizes an aesthetic, spiritual ambience punctuated by a frenetic urgency to discuss cultural concerns, such as ecological and emotional erosion. By invoking nostalgia and solastalgia through antique and handmade objects, her cyclical performance projects demand the analysis of our own chimeras surrounding individual agency and isolation.

October 28 | 7:00PM
Corbett Fogue | Tacoma, WA

The Last Supper is an audience-involved performance in three parts by UNI alumnus Corbett Fogue. In response to the early death of his father from a rare incurable lung condition, Fogue focuses on the creation of art objects and experiences as both memento and memento mori. An ingredient list will be available for those with food allergies.

November 17 | 6:00PM
Vertigo A-GoGo: A Night of Performance Art. *Held at UNI

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Vertigo is organized by the Waterloo Center for the Arts and the UNI Department of Art. 

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