McElroy Junior Art Galleries I & II

Interactive Exhibits in McElroy Junior Art Galleries I and II

  • Experience a taste of Haiti in KinderIsland, an area specially designed for infants and toddlers. Play the steel drums, ride a colorful Tap-Tap bus, and try digital finger painting.
  • Learn how growing up on a farm influenced Grant Wood’s artwork by visiting Grant’s Farm, where you can drive through one of his paintings and milk a life-size cow.
  • Imagine you are taking a trip in our amazing time machine to uncover the mysteries of the past in Art History Time Travel.
  • Create, explore, discover, play, and build in Art’s Workshop and the Artist’s Studio.
  • Pretend and be a star on the FunStage, complete with special lighting, backdrops, costumes, props, and puppets.
  • Discover the cultures of other countries by exploring their language, music, traditions, and artwork in the Creativity Across Cultures exhibit.
  • Explore hands-on architecture, construction, and design in the kid-size Construction Zone.